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Registry - Set position of desktop wallpaper

Don't like the position of your desktop wallpaper, offset or is it in the way. Well there's a way to set it texactly where you want..

First, before editing your registry remember to always back it up first, just incase you do something wrong. The registry when modified is an instant change and cannot be undone.    

BACK UP REGISTRY: So to open the registry editor click on "START", "RUN", then type "REGEDIT" (No speech marks). The registry editor will now open, click on "FILE" then "EXPORT". From the save window that appear type in a file name (ie regback.reg), now click on "SAVE". Your registry has now been backed up.

CHANGE POSITION: Now on the left hand panel click on "HKEY_CURRENT_USER" then "Control Panel" and then "Desktop". Next search for "Wallpaperoriginx" (horizontal offset) and  "Wallpaperoriginy" (vertical offset) in the right hand panel. If they are not present then simply create them by doing the following: 

Right click on "DESKTOP" select "NEW" then left click on "STRING VALUE". Name the new string value in right hand panel as "Wallpaperoriginx". 

Repeat the process and then name the 2nd value as "Wallpaperoriginy". Exit registry editor and reboot windows.

After reboot return to "HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Control Panel/Desktop" in the registry editor, and set the values as required by your photo or image. The image is offset from the center of your desktop, so you can use positive and negative values. The value is rated in distance by pixels.


Disclaimer: This information is provided as is and we cannot guarantee that editing the registry will not cause serious damage. You use this information at your own risk.